Our Portfolio
Here is a select listing of verticals in our portfolio:
Developing the latest grow techniques, methods, processes
& equipment for hemp farmers
Partnering with world-class research labs to develop
strong seeds that are disease resistant & sustainable
Construction & Manufacturing
Working with developers & engineers to identify
the latest applications for hemp-based materials
Developing new "green" materials and injection molding techniques 
to create hemp-based parts for major car manufacturers
Plastics & Polymers
We are on the cutting edge of hemp's application
in everyday materials - a revolutionary science
To build an effective industry infrastructure and supply chain that ushers industrial hemp into mass production in the United States while creating jobs + minority parity in the 21st century "green" economy.
To provide support for each stage in the industrial hemp supply chain (from seed to cultivation to research & innovation to commercialization to legislation) via education, lobbying, corporate partnerships and capital management.
VIG was founded by a group of seasoned entrepreneurs who have been featured in a variety of news media, including:
Investment Philosophy
I. Investor growth potential increases as innovative products and applications and entirely new categories emerge in the industrial hemp industry.

The size and scope of the market opportunity for industrial hemp is vast; this is the key to ensure good long-term results.

The rapidly expanding market supports products and services across numerous verticals, including companies that are providers of necessary technology, logistics and equipment for the industry--not just the industry’s end products.

Disruptive change is occurring in the industry, especially as legislative support and corporate demand continue to increase. Our fund underwrites cutting-edge research and new products/applications to meet the widespread existing and newly emerging demand.
II. Strategic and functional expertise are important core values in emerging industries like industrial hemp. VIG assembles teams of the brightest minds in the field to stay on top of the latest developments.

As a critical component to our investment strategy, our team conducts objective, rigorous, and thoughtful due-diligence.

We work closely with our partners, providing executive leadership and full administrative support. We protect our investors by ensuring that each management team implements clear strategic plans so they achieve their business goals. We also provide branding and strategic advice.

VIG has a competitive selection process: portfolio opportunities and companies are carefully curated based on entrepreneurial strength and the marketplace positioning.
III. When it comes to private equity investing, risk management is of utmost importance. 

VIG applies a strategy based on product/service diversification. This is designed to allow for access to a range of companies for maximized growth while limiting risk.

The most critical risk analysis occurs before the investment decision, VIG works to understand and identify risks to which the investment may be exposed.

Our risk management policies and procedures help the VIG team to identify, measure, manage, and monitor ongoing risk.
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